Marri Honey
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Our honey is 100% natural and raw.  

The honey is untreated or heated so all the flavor and health benefits of this unique honey are kept in each jar.  The bees forage on the Corymbia Calophylla or commonly known as the 'Marri Trees' in the SW regions of Western Australia which is considered the most remote and protected bee environment in the world.

A light, smooth honey with a subtle sweetness. 

We get our honey independently tested by a third party so we can verify the anti-microbial activity of each jar, this is measured in Total Activity (TA).

100% Raw Marri Honey

Customer Reviews

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Rachel Gillon (Auckland, NZ)
Always 5 stars

My favourite honey, hands down. I have purchased the Apia honey for a couple of years and plan on being a long term customer. Both the Jarrah and Marri honeys are beautiful in their own right, I can’t decide so usually get one of each. Can’t recommend highly enough, they are a daily staple in my house.

L.Z. (Brisbane, AU)
My Favourite Honey

I was looking forward to receiving the Apia Marri Honey and I was not disappointed. I think it's the best honey I have had! I like the fact that it is as good for you as manuka honey but for me it tastes a lot better than it. Simply delicious. Definitely be ordering some more.

Stella Bella (Perth, AU)
The best tasting honey 🍯

I have only recently discovered Jarrah Honey since moving to WA. I was previously taking Manuka, which can have a bitter after taste, with Jarrah honey the honey remedy ritual has been sweeter with no aftertaste. It also smooth and good for the throat and immunity. Total Jarrah convert! Wish I had moved to WA sooner. Also love that it’s local, West is Best! :)

Lau Mimi Hong Ting (Central, HK)

We love the texture and taste!